A Visit from the Goon Squad | Jennifer Egan | Full Audiobook

Title: A Visit from the Goon Squad
Author: Jennifer Egan
Genre: Literary Fiction
Published: 2011
Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (2011)

Full Playlist (Chapters) : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLljZAglIVIZxf132jHkyYN4jIfnDpwaKa

0:00 — Chapter 1: Found Objects
32:00 — Chapter 2: The Gold Cure
1:10:42 — Chapter 3: Ask Me If I Care
1:49:13 — Chapter 4: Safari
2:37:11 — Chapter 5: You (Plural)
2:52:49 — Chapter 6: X’s and O’s
3:25:25 — Chapter 7: A to B
4:18:52 — Chapter 8: Selling the General
5:19:09 — Chapter 9: Forty-Minute Lunch: Kitty Jackson Opens Up About Love, Fame, and Nixon!
5:47:46 — Chapter 10: Out of Body
6:35:13 — Chapter 11: Good-bye, My Love
7:30:49 — Chapter 12: Great Rock and Roll Pauses By Alison Blake
7:32:46 — Chapter 13: Pure Language

Structure and Style:

-The book is unconventional, ditching a linear narrative for a collection of interconnected stories.
-Each story focuses on a different character, with timelines jumping from the 1970s to a near-future setting.
-The writing style also varies, incorporating elements like a magazine quiz, a PowerPoint presentation, and even a future technology called «the Samantha.» This keeps the reading experience fresh and engaging.

Characters and Relationships:

-Bennie Salazar, the record executive, serves as a loose connection point for the characters.
-We meet his former bandmates, exploring the bonds and fractures formed in their younger years.
-Sasha, Bennie’s complex and troubled assistant, is another central figure. Her story delves into themes of self-discovery and navigating difficult pasts.
-The narrative also explores the ripple effects of Lou Kline, Bennie’s mentor, on the lives of those around him.
-Through these interconnected stories, the novel explores themes of family, friendship, love, and the ways our relationships shape us.

Beyond the Music Industry:

-While the music industry forms a backdrop for the characters, the novel delves deeper, exploring broader human experiences.
-Themes of regret, confronting the past, and the search for meaning in life are central.
-The diverse characters grapple with ambition, loss, and the challenges of aging.

The Goon Squad:

-The title’s enigmatic «goon squad» remains a mystery for now. Its true nature and significance unfold as you progress through the novel.

Critical Reception:

-«A Visit from the Goon Squad» was a critical and commercial success, winning the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
-Praised for its innovative structure, captivating characters, and exploration of universal themes, it’s considered a contemporary classic.


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